4 Points to Consider in USD 470

Being Present

I have the unique position of having children in all three levels of education in USD 470. Two of my children are at Roosevelt Elementary, one at Arkansas City Middle School and two at Arkansas City High School. From a personal perspective, I see daily, and have an appreciation for, what is happening in our schools. This gives me the opportunity to understand, in a very real way, needs, triumphs, and points of struggle throughout the district. I am able to see the effects of policy and applications not just in one building, but much of the district. It is my privilege to volunteer in our schools and build relationships with teachers, students and staff. My utmost goal is to be a voice of reason and principles for the children of USD 470.

Building into the future

Have you noticed the increasing number of high school students and recent graduates with few ideas or plans for the future? Research shows our district struggles with post graduation success rates. We can change that. I believe that by building bridges into our community and tapping those resources, we can assist our students in finding vision for their futures, whether they are entering the workforce directly after high school, attending trade school, or a college path. By reaching connections in our community, I would like to support our faculty in expanding high school job shadowing programs, create meaningful summer internship opportunities, further support community mock job interviews and promote opportunities for community members to volunteer in classrooms from elementary through high school. I believe these bridges will lead to future success in graduation rates, post graduation, and perhaps even reaching as far as providing our kids with meaning in the mundane. I believe this will empower our children with a vision of what they could study, jobs they could have, friends in the industry and determination to work towards those productive, worthy goals.

Quality Curriculum

I believe one of the most critical things we do as a district is choose a curriculum that will equip our teachers and empower our children to love learning and curiosity. In choosing curriculum, it is critical that we sufficiently and properly train our teachers and gain the buy-in of our stakeholders. I am in full support of teaching not only our teachers about the curriculum, but carrying that knowledge to administrators, parents, board members and invested community members. To know what our kids are learning and the method our district employs, supports each student’s learning journey and success. Lets confidently move forward with curriculum and ensure every interested taxpayer can take pride in what we teach our students. When our community members understand what we are teaching and are invited into our school culture, we build a legacy in our community that values education from day one.  

Looking at the Truth

Our district is marching forward into the future. I believe in looking at the needs, the concerns and the problems in our physical facilities and infrastructure straight on. Kansas schools are now fully funded. What comes next? I believe in being present! We can learn much of what our district needs by being in our buildings. I plan to visit district schools regularly to consistently get feedback and learn needs and concerns. I believe in speaking with parents, educators, administrators and community members to do what is right for Arkansas City. I support fiscal responsibility and honestly looking toward the future and the needs of our district to be successful and relevant moving forward. I will study and invest the time and energy to make educated, principled decisions in all my voting.  

Now that you’ve heard some of my ideas, I would love to hear from you! What is your experience? What is important to you? Please message me in the contact section!