Moving Forward in USD 470

Being Present

Please check back soon as we plan community meet and greets. I look forward to representing you the best I can by being aware of your concerns and triumphs.

Building into the future

Research shows our district struggles with post graduation success rates among other things. We are working to change that. I believe it takes change on all parts. I support new initiatives to implement The Science of Reading to better equip our kids as readers in all grades. We are also looking to increase connections in our community, to support expanding job shadowing programs, create summer internship opportunities, increase support of community mock job interviews and promote opportunities for community members to volunteer in classrooms. I believe this can empower our children with increased vision, determination and direction.

Quality Curriculum

I believe one of the most critical things we do as a district is choose a curriculum that will equip our teachers and empower our children with a love of learning and curiosity. I believe our community should know what our kids are learning so they are invested in our students’ success. When our community members understand what our kids are learning and are thereby invited into our school culture, we build a legacy in our community that values education from day one.  

Looking at the Truth

Our district is marching forward into the future. I believe in looking at the needs, concerns and the problems we face head on. I believe in speaking with parents, educators, administrators and community members to do what is right for Arkansas City. I will be present in our buildings, study, ask questions, and invest the time and energy to make educated, principled, transparent decisions on behalf of those I serve.

I am here to serve you, our community. I look forward to hearing from you. What is your experience? What is important to you? Please message me in the contact section!